Through our eyes – Culture night 2021

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Collection of images from students.

“Culture night is a national moment celebrating all that makes up the richness and diversity of culture in Ireland today.” Culturenight.ie

Together with a diverse group of young people aged 7-15 based throughout Ireland, we have been using photography as a tool of creation and exploration.

During lockdown, we reached out to young people interested in photography and asked if they would be interested in working together. We communicated online and began to look at what was on our doorstep or surrounding areas and how we could make it look interesting. We wanted to focus on creativity and inspiration in a time of such uncertainty.

The results have been incredible and the ideas and talent that the children have is so inspiring.

To be able to achieve this via online support, instead of via a traditional in person classroom situation, is also an additional achievement for the children. Photography is usually a real hands on skill to learn, but they didn’t let that hinder them and instead took all challenges and suggestions on board and figured out a way to create!

This project has become a passion of ours and we are now working on bringing these amazing photographs to print, in the form of a book that will be completed this year.

We are all very excited and hope that you like this sneak peak and insight to our project.

“Through our eyes”.

Through our eyes, photographs facilitated by Tara Donoghue for Culture Night 2021.