Wedding traditions, what will you be sticking to for your big day?

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Wedding rings

Wedding ring

Your wedding and engagement ring are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, reason being that it was believed that a

vein running straight from your heart ended in this finger therefore connecting the ring from your love directly to your



Bridesmaid dresses

Matching bridesmaid dresses are actually meant to be good luck! This superstition comes from the Roman times, people

believed that evil spirts would attend the wedding to curse the wedding couple. So in order to trick the evil spirits,

bridesmaids had to wear the exact same dress as the bride to confuse the spirits and bring luck to the wedding! They must

have been very understanding brides!!:D


Veils were also worn in the Roman and Greek times as it was thought that this would protect the bride form evil spirits!

Wedding veil blowing in the wind.

Wedding cake

Ancient Rome again gives us the wedding cake tradition. While now we get to enjoy our favourite cake in the evening the

poor brides in those tomes had to endure a loaf of bread being broken over their head for fertility luck, I can’t imagine too

many brides today that would let their hair get ruined with crumbs!!

Tying the knot

Tying the knot isn’t just a catchy phrase, this is a phrase brought in from different cultures such as Celtic, Hindu and

Egypt where the hands of the wedding couple would be tied together to show their commitment to each other as a knot is

very hard to break once tied tight enough.

Over the threshold

Carrying your newly married partner over the threshold isn’t just for a great picture opportunity but tradition has it that

this protects again from evil spirits!

Groom carrying bride.








Honeymoons weren’t always a treat for a newly married couple, ancient Norse couples went into hiding after the wedding

and a family member would bring them a cup of honey wine for 30 days — or one moon — which is how the term

“honeymoon” originated.

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