Wedding favour TIPS by TaraD

Give it a personal touch!

Give thought to what your big day is about, how you and partner met, the place for instance or where ye got engaged

(Sand in a little bottle from the beach you got engaged at, with a tag saying’ take some of our paradise home with you’)


Match your wedding theme!

Keep all your ducks in row and stick to your wedding theme, having a sea themed wedding? Give your wedding guests a rubber duck with your wedding date on it!

Keep your guests in mind!

Think of your guests and what they would use. If you are getting married in winter why not treat them all to some cosy favours?



Present them uniquely!

Presentation is a chance to incorporate your wedding theme with the wedding favours, display them on a table somewhere in the room that will catch the guests eye, have the table decorated in such a way that it shows off your wedding theme or if you want a standalone piece have it loud and proud, it’s amazing what a few fairy lights and a bit of imagination can do!


Make it fun!

Funny props and disposable cameras on the table is a great way for people to interact and the kids will love it!!

~ Adeline


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