Meet the latest addition to the family! by TaraD


Paddington bear at Paddington Station

This is Paddy Bear, he is a close relation of ‘Paddington bear’ and the latest edition to our ever expanding household who we found while in London last week 🙂
‘Paddy’ has been tormenting the household by getting up to all sorts in the middle of the night and Cailean is absolutely loving it! So how did this mad notion come about? Well Dave and myself are almost catching ourselves on the way back this month with the most manic January we have ever had!

In the last ten days, we have exhibited for 3 days at 2 separate wedding fairs in 2 different counties, taught 5 inspiringly individual and unique groups, flown to London and back to met two lovely couples (who have since booked us to shoot their weddings next year) and then collectively attended almost 60 hrs of a mix of many different lectures and training seminars (yes even we need to train too) at the swpp convention 2016 which was held at the Hilton metropole, Edgware rd, London.

We have met with some of ‘thee best photographers in the world’, picked their brains and been motivated and inspired by them (Thank you!).
Made time to drop in and surprise my grandad twice and all this meant we got to see Cailean very little!

So as any parent knows that when you are away from your child for a few days your heart literally aches and we missed him SO much! So we had to figure out what on earth could we bring back from our trip and with help from my aunt and grandad here is Paddy, the latest addition to the family 🙂 (Yes we should patent it and market the idea!).

All this craziness has meant that my new years resolution (Letters to Cailean project), is a little shorter this week, but here goes…

Dear Cailean,

We are impressed by your independence daily and we love that you have such amazing dreams and goals. One day you want to be a pilot and fly us around the world, (I can make the coffee and Dad can make the food was your latest idea). We wouldn’t mind that at all! 🙂
The next day you are a pretending to be a firefighter or out being a farmer counting sheep with our neighbour. If all we can teach you is to follow your dreams and be whatever you want to be, then we will be happy. Work takes up an awful lot of our lives so it’s important to make it something that you love.

“Dream big, work hard, stay focused and surround yourself with good people”.

Love mum x

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