I am challenge…. by TaraD

Yesterday I began a 90 day “I am” challenge with one of my coaches Christa Molter. The idea is to take a daily photograph of me saying an “I am” statement to myself in the mirror and to post that image on my insta stories to hold me accountable.

For Day one I chose the affirmation of “I am able” and today I have two ideas and they are “I am motivated and I am focused”.

If I forget to do a day I start back at day one. The purpose of this is to develop our self image with daily positivity and see the power of repetition and affirmations. If you constantly tell yourself that you can’t do something, chances are you will convince your subconscious mind that is true and therefore find it incredibly difficult to do the said task. Whereas the opposite is also true. It takes 30 days to form a habit so by the end of 90 days I should see and feel a massive difference!

If any of you would like to join me, I would love that so feel free to message!

With that in mind it has inspired a photography project and we would love you to join us with our  “I am…..” Photography challenge. The idea behind this is to document what is going on for all of us right now. To acknowledge our feelings, be they happy or frustrated! To simply share as a community showing support to one and other as we are all feeling similar emotions. Sometimes it helps to know that others are feeling the same too!

To join the challenge capture a photo on any device inspired by the “I am ….” statement. Some examples are as I mentioned above, I am able, or I am motivated, I am focused, I can do this. Or it could simply be I am tired! 🙂 It can be anything at all but it should inspire the photograph that you have captured. Then tag us in a picture taken with the hashtag #TDPiamchallenge so we can all inspire each other and keep each other motivated to do it. Again the reason for sharing this is that we support each other and also lets make it fun! Lets encourage children to come up with “I am” statements. It is also a great way to find out how they are feeling without directly asking them.

We will also share some tips and tricks throughout the challenge to help develop your photography skills and another bonus is the visual diary that you are creating of yourself, your family and your environment during this unprecedented time.

So I hope you will join us….. I am willing, I am able, I am going to do this! Will you? 🙂


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The “C” Word…. by TaraD

The forth of February is World Cancer Day. Many people have a negative reaction when they see the ‘C’ word and that’s
exactly why this day was created.

In today’s world it is very rare to meet someone or a family that hasn’t been touched in some way by some form of cancer and who doesn’t have a story to tell.
Here are some basic facts about this very important day and why we should all join in on the celebration.
The World Cancer Day was established at the turn of the millennium, on February 4th 2000.
Its purpose is to encourage the prevention, detection and treatment of cancer by targeting misinformation, by
raising awareness and by reducing the stigma surrounding it.

Over 100 countries participate worldwide with almost 1,000 activities taking place around the world. People hold festivals, walks, seminars, campaigns. Some campaigns like the nohairselfie charity (#nohairselfie) go a little beyond and bring people together globally to shave their heads and post it on social media to show courage and support to those undergoing cancer treatment. You can even do it virtually through the app without having to shave your actual hair.
Major cities around the world have started to light up their major landmarks in orange / blue in support of this important day.

This year’s theme is “I Am and I Will”. It is a beautiful theme that is all about you and how you see yourself fittinginto this global event.

You complete your own sentence. I am (fill in the blank) and I will (fill in the blank).

For me this year’s theme is: I Am a survivor and I Will support others on their journey.
This was also my journey a few years ago and the fact I’m still here to write this article is a blessing. So I commit to
helping others on their journey in whatever ways I can, by donating, participating in events, talking and listening to encourage and support those on their own journey.
What does this day represent for you? Who will you be and what will be your theme?
If you want to know more about this day and how to help, participate, be a part of it…you can check out the official website www.worldcancerday.org
Diana x

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