Have a hair trial!

Make sure to do trials before your wedding, you should almost see them as interviews for the big day! With the hair trial don’t be afraid to try something new, you want to look and feel a bit different than what you’re used to on a normal weekday.

Research and research again!!

Google, Google and Google hair ideas, use the words like ‘cool’, ‘unusual’, ‘funky’, ‘vintage’ in your searches, save all the images on your phone or print them and bring them with you.

Take advice from your hairdresser!

Take into consideration any advice your hairdresser gives you, he or she might suggest a hairstyle that could be the one!

Be comfortable.

Make sure you are comfortable with the hairstyle you choose and that it will be manageable on the day, see how you feel after the hair trial and imagine yourself wearing it all day. If you are not happy don’t be afraid to try another style!


Think practical, rain and wind in Ireland, will your hairstyle sustain this and if you are going abroad think of how your hairstyle and certain products will wear in the sun.

Dress prepared.

Wear a shirt with buttons or dress so you can get changed into your wedding dress easily without ruining your hair!

Adeline x

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