Ice Cream For Breakfast Day by TaraD

With today being ice cream for breakfast day , I thought it was a great opportunity to talk about ice cream at weddings!! Firstly some history! In the 1960’s Florence Rappaport came up with the idea to make ice cream for breakfast to keep her children entertained when a huge blizzard hit Rochester, New York. Every year her children kept up the tradition and now it is celebrated worldwide. So thank you Florence for giving us an excuse to have ice cream for breakfast!!

Whatever time of year you are getting married, ice cream can be a great addition to your day! Here are some ideas that will give your wedding a quirky twist!

Have something different!  

Want to get a non traditional wedding cake?  Why not opt for an ice cream cake and give your guests something different! Try going for a 2 tier ice cream cake or mini ice cream cone inspired cake pops or even Baked Alaska!

Something to keep your guests entertained!

Allow your guests to make their own ice cream and hire an ice cream machine for your wedding reception! Make it a day everyone will never forget and the kids at the wedding will love it!!!

Get someone else to do it!

If you would prefer to have your guests relax and have a bit of fun why not hire a wedding cart and let them do the job for you! This is a great way to keep your guests from getting peckish and will get everyone up and moving around! Even a mix of ice cream and crepes instead of an evening buffet!

Beach themed wedding!

If you’re going for a beach themed wedding why not have ice cream keepsakes as wedding favours such as customised ice cream scoops! Have some fun signs hanging places saying phrases such as:

‘All you need is love and maybe a little ice cream’

‘Life is too short eat dessert first!’

‘Let us treat you to some ice cream for making our day complete!’

Fun fact: Research has shown that even just a spoonful of ice cream lights up the same pleasure centre in the brain as winning money or listening to your favourite music! So not only on your wedding day will it look good, taste good but it will also make everyone even happier on the day!! 😉

So go on get planning and don’t forget to have an ice cream while you do it!!! 😀

Happy ice cream day!!

~ Adeline































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Kerry Wedding Show 2017 by TaraD

Recently I had the good fortune of attending the Kerry Wedding Show 2017, even though my bridal shopping days are over!! I had a great day out helping couples on the day, talking them through our photography packages here at Tara Donoghue Photography. I was very impressed by the layout of the stalls and of the effort all the suppliers put into making them stand out.  I found myself trying to plan a party for the future just to avail of the brilliant ideas and eat the delicious cakes that were displayed! 🙂

What I really loved about this fair was the open area that it was held in, the INEC proved to be a great spacious area where there was even enough room to hold a fashion show!! Norma O Donoghue put together a great collection of bridal wear and together with the music and lighting, it really was a show stopper!

This year there were 81 stalls at the wedding show. Upstairs there were performances from wedding singers and bands which added an extra element of fun to the day! I really enjoyed  the variety of stalls, and the unique ideas they had, the prosecco cart was mouth watering!!

There were a variety of suppliers offering everything you could need to make your wedding day special! From hotels to photographers and everything you could want in between it was a day for every wedding couple to enjoy!


To top off the day Aine Clifford, a bride to be, won the fabulous prize we organised worth over €2,500 which the following suppliers were part of:

Tara Donoghue Photography

Flowers from Tie the knot weddings

Brides of Kerry Wedding Spread

Headpieces by Cathy Troth

All you need is love stationary suite

Cosmo Video Productions



Thanks for a great day and I am looking forward to next year already 😀

~ Adeline

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Wedding favour TIPS by TaraD

Give it a personal touch!

Give thought to what your big day is about, how you and partner met, the place for instance or where ye got engaged

(Sand in a little bottle from the beach you got engaged at, with a tag saying’ take some of our paradise home with you’)


Match your wedding theme!

Keep all your ducks in row and stick to your wedding theme, having a sea themed wedding? Give your wedding guests a rubber duck with your wedding date on it!

Keep your guests in mind!

Think of your guests and what they would use. If you are getting married in winter why not treat them all to some cosy favours?



Present them uniquely!

Presentation is a chance to incorporate your wedding theme with the wedding favours, display them on a table somewhere in the room that will catch the guests eye, have the table decorated in such a way that it shows off your wedding theme or if you want a standalone piece have it loud and proud, it’s amazing what a few fairy lights and a bit of imagination can do!


Make it fun!

Funny props and disposable cameras on the table is a great way for people to interact and the kids will love it!!

~ Adeline


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My wedding day adventures by TaraD

Looking through our wedding pictures and seeing how much love and magic was captured has left me with the same butterflies that I had on the day all over again!!

From the madness the morning of with everyone making sure they hadn’t forgotten anything to calmness at the end of the night realising that we had just pulled off the most amazing day and night of our lives was mind blowing!

Looking at the wedding pictures, my wedding ring or of course my wife any bit of stress involved in the lead up to the wedding was so minor in comparison to this feeling of love.

The love we felt from our friends, our parents, our brothers and sisters and even our photographers is a feeling that we will never forget.

It’s the little things on the day that you don’t plan that are the ones you never forget, the wind leaving the house teasing to mess up my hair or lift up my dress to show off my carefully selected knickers! The breath taking feeling of seeing my bride looking so beautiful waiting for me in the registry office with a cheeky smile and a look on her face of here we go!!!

The moment when our nephew starts crying with happiness doing his reading. The moment our sisters signed their names to our marriage cert. The hug my mother in law gave me, that loved filled hug and emotion filled congratulations. The moment of surprise when I heard my wife’s voice singing through the speakers of the registry office, playing just after we said I do.

The rain that poured down after the ceremony that had us all laughing running to the cars!! The cries during the speeches, the fun when taking the photos.

The feeling of doing our first dance to claps and cheers, the feeling of going to bed married. I would do it all over again but looking at the pictures will do for now!

~ Adeline x

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Letters to Cailean week 2 by TaraD

So as we are settling into the new year, Christmas has become a distant memory for most!

Here is a shot of Cailean as a shepherd in his first school play!

January has been a busy time of planning and meetings for us as so many couples got engaged over the holidays!

We are preparing for wedding fairs over the next few weeks (Silversprings, Cork this week and the INEC next week) and our “quiet month” has been manic! 🙂

How many of you have been sticking with your new years resolutions? Or how many have ditched it already?! 🙂

I’m sticking with mine so far, for those of you who didn’t see the start of it and have a spare five mins click here…

Letters to Cailean – Tara’s new year project

Dear Cailean,

It is completely normal for you having brides and grooms coming to visit and discuss their plans with mum and dad and you probably know more about weddings than children two or three times your age!

At Christmas we met two grooms who were preparing for their wedding and you asked us where the bride was, so we took the opportunity to explain that love exists in many different forms.
Sometimes two women love each other, sometimes two men love each other. Sometimes a wedding can have two brides or two grooms or a bride and a groom.

Frank Ocean puts it simply as, “ I believe that marriage isn’t between a man and a woman but between love and love.”
So when you replied.” Cool, can I watch something on the iPad now?” We smiled and wished that many adults could view the world with such simplicity as through the eyes of a child.


So as you escape to your treehouse with the new furniture you decided to put in (a chair and your suitcase), I admire your independence and practicality. You have chosen two clever objects, a chair for you to sit on and look out at the world and a suitcase full of essentials and clothes to keep you warm in this weather! As parents it is our job to give you the right tools needed for life but quite often we learn a lot more from you. Life can be simplified, adults often overcomplicate it.

We should step back focus on what is important which is LOVE.

“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.”
Richard L Evans.

Until next week!
Mum xxx

Missed the first letter to Cailean? Read it here….http://www.taradonoghuephotography.com/letters-to-cailean-new-year-project/

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