Making the most of this extra time…. by TaraD

How are you all doing? It is such a strange time right now as we aren’t meeting in person and chatting all things wedding or otherwise. Are any of you missing the interaction?

Are you using zoom and various apps to keep you sane?

Do any of you have a routine that you are sticking to? Or trying to stick to?

We are for the simple fact of helping to know what day of the week we are on and also giving us things to look forward to.

For example movie nights on a Sunday with the kids is a big one. Monday to Friday is school work and Saturday is a play day.

Monday is always an office afternoon for me, so I am trying to look at what I can improve. I think it is a really good time to re evaluate business and what works incredibly well and what can be better!

I have already established some ways I can serve our clients more efficiently so I will be implementing those changes immediately.

I am also using the time to brainstorm new ideas, to bring something fresh into our company. To learn new skills in this extra time. To study and of course take advantage of this extra family time we have been given!

Too often I have spoken to parents who say “they grow up too fast” “it went so quickly” and so on and they are completely right.

I went back to work straight away when I was building the business when Cailean was born and I remember the guilt I felt shooting a wedding on his first birthday.

I was more confident second time around and took time off with Daithi and we all enjoyed a work free Christmas together for his first Christmas and it was such a gift. We realised we had been pouring every second into our company.

So I am using this time to look inwards. What can I change? What can I do better? What will help others more?

I would love to hear what’s helping you guys through…. x

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