There is something incredibly special about our Family Films. We work with families who want to slow down and capture life exactly as it is now, allowing us to create story driven, nostalgic, and love-soaked films to stand the test of time.

Our family films capture the essence of everyday life – the madness, the messiness, the arguments, and of course the laughter in a household. It captures the special moments such as story time before bedtime, but also the quieter, subtle moments – the exchange of words between a child and their parent or the look of pride on a grandparent’s face. Our family films essentially capture love.

Children grow up in the blink of an eye, with tiny but meaningful things happening every day. With the hustle and bustle of the daily routine, often there are things perhaps you don’t even know you’re going to miss when they’re older until it’s too late. Our aim with a Family Film is to bottle these love fuelled memories forever and create a film full of realness, beauty, and love.

A Family Film is something that will be cherished today and long in to the future. It’s a film that can be enjoyed in 20 years’ time with their own children, your grandchildren, or perhaps even on their wedding day. This is a gift that is for you and your family, but for future generations as well.

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Tara was recently awarded the “Educators Choice Award” by Filming Life and became a Filming Lifer which means that she is a certified member of the International Family Filmmakers Network. This is an exam-based recognition where Tara scored 90% showing her technical and creative skills as a filmmaker.
You can read more about that here…. https://taradonoghuephotography.com/we-all-carry-inside-us-people-who-came-before-us-liam-callanan/


Our Family Film sessions are 3 hours in duration, usually located in your home and surrounding areas. No two families are the same, and no two films are the same, so therefore each Family Film is tailored to suit you and your family.

We chat to you about what a “typical day” is for your family and plan some ideas around this. It could be anything from your kids helping you with laundry, playing with their toys, cooking together as a family, or going for a walk with the dog – any “typical” experience that you would often do together. We want to capture you as a family and keep it as natural as it possibly can be. This is your story, not a posed one.

A timeline is established during our online consultation, and we will answer any questions or concerns you have. We will usually discuss clothing and give some of our helpful tips and recommendations in order to help you feel as relaxed as possible in front of the camera.

When filming, our aim is to blend into the background, so you and your family forget we are even there. This is a skill perfected from years as a photographer, but helps your family film look as natural and authentic as possible.

All our Family Film packages include:

  • A session planning call.
  • 3-hour session in your home or surrounding areas.
  • A 3-5 minute expertly crafted film with licensed music.
  • All post-production video editing and grading.
  • Bonus set of 20 – 30 high resolution photography images.

Contact us today to begin planning your Family Film you will cherish forever.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Diana A

    Enya and I had a great morning with Tara the day we did our short film. We didn’t quite know what to expect and weren’t exactly ‘prepared’ for anything in particular. But the day just flowed easily and naturally as she made it very low key and put us at ease. We were really just going about our activities not really giving it much thought while Tara did her magic in the background. So happy that we created a memory to share with our family that is far away 🙂

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