About Us


On your wedding day, your photographer is the only supplier that spends pretty much the entire day with you. As a result, we believe it’s important you connect with your photographer, so we would like to tell you a little more about us.

We are a husband and wife team, with over 14 years’ experience in wedding photography. Based in County Kerry, we have been lucky enough to capture hundreds of weddings throughout Ireland, and even some in the UK and Australia.

Photography is our passion, we love being a part of a couple’s special day, helping capture those unforgettable moments you’re always going to want to remember. We strive to create beautiful and emotive wedding photographs that will not only remind you of how everything and everyone looked on the day, but also how it felt to be surrounded by your loved ones celebrating you both as a couple.

Love isn’t boring, so why should your photos be? We capture all the big moments on your special day, but also those subtle small gestures. We believe your wedding photos should be a true reflection of what it was like to be at your wedding.

Away from photography, we love coffee, being outside, and having as much fun as possible. Life is for making memories, so we try to make every day count with our two boys.


Tara is the dreamer, the one who believes that nothing is impossible – a “draw outside the lines” type of girl! She loves to be inspired by a couple, a venue, or simply something random that she sees on a wedding day.


Dave is the techie and logical thinker in the team. Ask him anything technical about photography and be prepared for the mathematical equations to follow!


Diana – Diana has been a fantastic addition to our team! Her experience managing teams in the New York fashion industry keeps us focused and on task. Diana has a great eye for detail and design, and has settled in to our mix of madness and serenity perfectly.



High Quality – we are award-winning wedding photographers who do not settle for anything less than excellence. We do everything to the highest quality possible with attention to detail in all aspects of our photography.
Experience – with over 14 years’ experience in wedding photography we have captured hundreds of weddings.
Winning Team – our team’s combination of skills and experience ensures we cover all aspects needed on a wedding day and all the unpredictability that can arise.
Trust – your wedding photographer will be with you for most of the day so you need someone you can trust. With us by your side, you can trust us to position ourselves perfectly to capture all those memorable moments, as well as anticipating every situation at your wedding.
Tailored – no two weddings are the same! That’s why we prefer to chat and find out your requirements and tailor a package that’s right for you.