Happy Holidays! We are expanding in more ways than one!!! :) by TaraD

What an AMAZING year!!!
So as we are all winding down for the holidays, we are looking forward to a couple of days R&R as we are back shooting 3 fab weddings next week! I have yet to finish the pressie shopping, start the food shopping and all the other chaos that is associated with Christmas day. But I wanted to take the time to wish you and yours an amazing holiday season.

We truly appreciate every thing you have done to help our business grow. Every referral, every “like” of our posts online, every time you spread the word you help to support this local business that came from a girl having a dream almost 10 years ago and you have helped that dream come true 🙂 xxxx

This year we were delighted to welcome Adeline to the team and next year we are looking forward to having another photographer join us! SUPER EXCITING!

If that wasn’t enough news, Cailean’s first tooth came out on Tuesday, Wednesday saw us being part of history when we were given a war medal which was found in a ditch by a farmer who traced it back to one of our relatives!!! Thursday saw us breaking our news to Cailean that he is going to be a BIG BROTHER! Watch his reaction here.

So by the time Sunday comes around I think we will be worn out from all this exciting news!!!

Yes you read that correctly our team is expanding (along with my belly!) in more ways than one.
So as you race and rush to finish the shopping take some time to remember what it is all about…. FAMILY.
Contact your loved ones, remind them that you care and for those who are no longer with us this Christmas raise a glass (of non alcoholic something or other in my case!) for them.

Enjoy the season and we look forward to seeing you all in 2017!!!!
Tara xxx

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Tips for a winter wedding by TaraD

Wrap up!

Its winter so don’t be afraid to try and wrap up even if it is your wedding day! Try and wear a long wedding dress – one with long sleeves if you can!! Add a funky shawl or cardigan to give you an extra layer!

Look after your bridesmaids!!

Your bridesmaids need to be kept warm too!  You don’t have to have them dressed traditionally this time of year, cheap leather jackets in Penneys could be a very cool accessory for them on the day!

Don’t forget to bring an umbrella!

An umbrella this time of year is a definite must, try to invest in some colourful ones to add a splash of fun and colour to your wedding pictures!

Be on time!

With Christmas shoppers on the hunt, to bad weather, the likelihood is the traffic is going to be heavy this time of year!


Take advantage of the Christmas feeling and check out if your hotel will have Christmas decorations in you function room!

Look after your wedding gang when outdoors for pictures!

A great idea could be to buy a few hand warmers, that could be put into jacket or pants pockets to keep your hands!

Don’t forget to pack wellies just in case, there is nothing worse than getting your heels stuck in mud!! 😀

~ Adeline

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Thrifty Thursday Wedding Invites! by TaraD

Thrifty Thursday!

Wedding invitations on the cheap!

Invitations are something that couples can spend a lot of their budget on, with printing and posting you can end up spending a few hundred on invitations and stamps!

Why not try these simple ideas and save your money for your honeymoon!

Get creative

With technology everywhere these days, why not take advantage and use Whatsapp or emails to send your invitations! Think of something creative like go to a beach and draw a love heart in the sand and write the date, time and venue in the love heart, take a picture and email or Whatsapp it!

Make your own invites

If you do want to post an invite there are cheap options for making your own invites if you don’t mind paying for the stamps! 😀 Take these beautiful invites from Tara and Daves wedding for example!! The main material used in this invite was hessian/burlap sack, cut into card shape and card was glued onto the front of it, a tartan ribbon was wrapped around it that was  to match the grooms kilt!


Getting creative for your wedding adds that personal touch and will save you honeymoon money too!! 😀 So let your creative side out!!

~ Adeline



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