Letters to Cailean, “Stay you”… by TaraD

I have always encouraged you to draw outside the lines, to think outside the box and nurture the creative streak that you have. This means that others may find you “different” and you ALWAYS have to remember that being different is AMAZING! The most interesting people I know are “different”.
What fun is it to follow the herd? It’s boring spending your life in others shadows. So continue to “invent” ways to travel to space, tools to make your day easier, robots to clean your room (I would love if you could organise that LOL). All the inventions that you tell me about daily are amazing for your age. I hope you always have that passion of figuring out how to make the impossible possible. I still try it at 32, constantly questioning but “What if?”
Sometimes it works and I get to try amazing things and other times it doesn’t and I learn from those experiences.
You are an incredibly strong individual. You are making your way in this challenging world and I can already see you developing some pretty smart coping mechanisms in dealing with your peers who are questioning where you “fit in”.
Stay you little man and always remember, “when you follow the herd, you are bound to step in sh*t!” 🙂

Love mum xxxx12832308_10156627771180261_1842384485803187863_n

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Letters To Cailean – Dress up! by TaraD

So I have well and truly fallen off the wagon! These letters have been scribbled in my notebook but haven’t made it to the blog as I have just been too busy!

I have seen many social media posts where January has been regarded as a practice month for new years resolutions, with many beginning again in February.
So with that in mind I wont beat myself up but get on with it and start getting back on track!

For those of you who have also let the new years resolution slip, don’t give up lets start again.

“Dressing up!”
An average day in our office begins with two cups of coffee each and a long list of tasks to get through. Our to do list never gets much shorter, but I often reassure myself that if it was to get shorter that would mean that work would be quieter and there would be less to do, this in turn would probably make me panic lol. So its good to have a constant “To Do” list
We often get distracted from this list and the days plan of action as phone calls an emails can mean our priorities change.

As many of you know working from home of course has its advantages and disadvantages. One advantage being when your child is sick, it is easier to juggle looking after your baba and work. Whereas if you were tied down to set hours in a specific workplace you have to organize a babysitter or phone in sick yourself.

Cailean was sick and off school for a week and he was popping into and out of the office between naps. This particular day both Dave and myself were dealing with a difficult task, the stress levels were increasing and Cailean popped into the office with some accessories on. He was wearing high heels, bracelets and a necklace and said “Look mum I’m you!”
Straight away the mood was lightened and everything was quickly put into perspective. Our son was obviously on the mend (which is all any parent cares about) and there will always be days when work may be more of a challenge but it isn’t worth getting stressed over!!! J
Cailean then decided to dress up as his dad which was even more hilarious (See pics).
I am sure every parent is blown away by their children daily but our little one really does impact on our lives in such a huge way. We are so blessed to have him!

Dear Cailean,

I love those random memories that make me smile, no matter what is going on in my life right now.

Love mum x

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